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Welcome to La Cordée!

Cross-Country Skiing kit

Self-made La Cordée cross-country skiing kit

Cross country skiing kit

Available Online and In-store

  • Classic or grip Skis
  • Boots
  • SNS Bindings
$349.99 $434.97

15% on 3 items

Skis + Boots + Bindings
In-store only

What is a self-made La Cordée cross-country skiing kit? It is:

15% off when you buy regular-priced cross-country skis, boots and bindings.


10% off regular-priced cross-country skiing accessories that you add to your cross-country skiing kit.


Free bindings installation.


50% off your 1st base preparation.

10% on 2 items

Skis and/or Boots and/or Bindings
In-store only

If you already have a cross-country skiing kit, and only wish to buy a couple of new items, this promotion is for you!

10% off when you buy at least 2 of the 3 following cross-country skiing items, at regular price: skis, boots, bindings.


Free bindings installation or transfer.


50% off your 1st base preparation.

When you buy your cross-country skiing kit, maximize your skiing enjoyment by purchasing one of our ski maintenance cards.