UCO Candlelier Candle Lantern

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UCO Candlelier Candle Lantern

Take the warmth, ease of use, safety, and convenience of the Original Candle Lantern and increase the brightness enough for a family supper, with enough warmth to heat small amounts of water or food on the heat shield. The sturdy 3-legged base helps stabilize the lantern on uneven surfaces. Perfect for canoeists, sea kayakers, and winter campers.


  • Chimney quickly and easily slides down inside the lantern protecting the glass chimney while traveling or hiking
  • The stainless steel handle makes the Candlelier easy to hang and carry
  • A spring loaded candle tube keeps the flame height constant while a small viewing window shows how much candle remains
  • Dimensions: 8' X 4'.
  • Weight including 3 candles: 600 g

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