Tilley's LTM8 Nylamtium® Mesh Hat

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Tilley’s LTM8 Nylamtium® Mesh Hat

Tilley’s LTM8 Nylamtium® Mesh hats are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking to keep their cool in a broader brimmed hat. This Hat is lightweight, breathable and comfortable because the crown is made of strong, unique ‘3-D’ polyester mesh which blocks sunlight, but allows air to pass easily. LTM8 has been engineered with a water-repellent, sun protection 3” mesh crown with a lighterweight Supplex® nylon brim. Designed to be very lightweight & breathable the Tilley Lighterweight Mesh Hats have been tested and certified as having a UPF 50+, the maximum UV protection rating given. The LTM8 Mesh Hat is styled with the broader brim size of the Tilley LTM6 model and T4 Cotton duck models.



  • Nylamtium®
  • Supplex® nylon brim



  • Guaranteed for life
  • Insured against loss
  • Excellent sun protection
  • Repels rain
  • Ties on in the wind
  • Machine washable (won’t shrink)
  • Brim Measurements: Front and Back: 3 1/4" Sides: 2 1/2" 
  • Weight : about 4 oz. (113 g)
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