Swix' VG Base Wax

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Swix' VG Base Wax

The Swix name, born in Norway from a line of only five waxes, has grown to a world-leading brand that spans from simple universal waxes to complex chemistry’s that champions swear by, and all the gear needed to make the most of them.The Swix Caribou Collection: a line of outdoor-focused apparel specifically tailored for North American outdoor enthusiasts is developed and designed in Montreal Canada.

Swix' VG base wax is to be used with any kick wax, hard or spray, as a base coat to prolong the lifespan of the kick wax, especially when conditions are abrasive.

Recommanded temperature/conditions use :

  • BLUE VG30 Fresh or lightly abrasive snow +1/-22
  • GREEN VG35 High abrasive snow -1/-22
  • Better performance when ironed.
  • Content of 45g.
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