Swix' V Grip Wax

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Swix' V Grip Wax

Swix' V basic kick are traditional corked waxes and are perfect for relax, friendly skiing, training purposes or racing purposes in the colder range of the product .

They feature 2 useful temperature range, one for fresh snow and one for transformed snow wich is snow that is been sitting in place for more than 24 hours.

 Useful temperature range are as follows :

  • POLAR V5 -12/-25 (fresh) or -15/-30 (transformed)
  • GREEN V20 -8/-15 (fresh) or -10/-18 (transformed)
  • BLUE V30 -2/-10 (fresh) or -5/-15 (transformed)
  • BLUE EXTRA V40 -1/-7 (fresh) or -3/-10 (transformed)
  • VIOLET SPECIAL V45 0/-3 (fresh) or -2/-6 (transformed)
  • VIOLET V50 0 (fresh) or -1/-3 (transformed)
  • RED SPECIAL V55 +1/0 (fresh) or 0/-2 (transformed)
  • RED V60 +3/0 (fresh) or +1/-1. (transformed)
  • Comes in 45g content pack.

In this same quality of product, now exists a liquid spray wax aimed for easy application of wax and good for fresh and old snow. Colors have a wider range of useful temperatures than their hard counterparts.

Useful temperature range are as follows :

  • BLUE V40L -2/-15
  • VIOLET V50L 0/-3
  • RED V60L 0/+3
  • Sold in Spray can of 70ml.

To be used with any of the preceeding wax, hard or spray, as a base coat to prolong the lifespan of the kick wax, especially when conditions are abrasive :

  • BASE WAX V90
  • Sold in Spray can of 155ml.
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