Swix HF glide wax

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The Swix name, born in Norway from a line of only five waxes, has grown to a world-leading brand that spans from simple universal waxes to complex chemistry’s that champions swear by, and all the gear needed to make the most of them.The Swix Caribou Collection: a line of outdoor-focused apparel specifically tailored for North American outdoor enthusiasts is developed and designed in Montreal Canada.

Swix HF glide wax

A continuation of the classic HF, legendary fluorinated wax within racing. This high fluoro glider has contributed to a numerous of Olympic and WC medals in all ski disciplines.

Plages de température d'utilisation:

  • GrEEN HF4 -12/-32
  • TURQUOISE HF5 -8/-14
  • BLUE HF6 -6/-12
  • PURPLE HF7 -2/-8
  • RED HF8 +1/-4
  • YELLOW HF10 +10/0
  • COMBI HF12 - 3x20g blocks of HF6/HF7/HF8 waxes
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