Swix' CH Hydrocarbon Gliding Wax

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Swix' CH Hydrocarbon Gliding W

Swix' CH hydrocarbon gliding waxes

Swix' CH hydrocarbon gliding waxes do not have any fluor content. The colder ones are efficient on their own and the warmest ones are a good base for a fluorinated glider. Yellow has good penetrating capacities and as such, is often used for saturation of base. Comes in 60g content pack and yellow is available as well in a 180g pack.

Useful temperature range are as follows :

  • GREEN CH4 -10/-32
  • TURQUOISE CH5 -8/-18
  • BLUE CH6 -6/-12
  • VIOLET CH7 -2/-8
  • RED CH8 +1/-4
  • YELLOW CH10 +10/0
  • COMBI CH12 consists in 3 blocks of 20g, of CH6/CH7/CH8.
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