Product Recalls

CamelBak - Voluntary recall on certain caps sold with its Podium and Peak Fitness water bottles.

April 22, 2021

A small silicone valve in the affected caps may become free. To request a free replacement cap: go to [email protected]

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Black Diamond- Voluntary recall on DSP Pro, DSP Pro Ice and DSP Sport avalanche transceivers.

July 2021

BLACK DIAMOND announces the recall of the DSP Pro, DSP Pro Ice and DSP Sport avalanche transceivers. Transceiver may change modes unexpectedly when not locked or installed in the harness

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VOLUNTARY PRODUCT RECALL - Maestrale RS and Maestrale Ski Boots

24 octobre 2019

SCARPA North America has elected to voluntarily recall all Fall 2017 Maestrale and Maestrale RS ski boots. It appears that under certain conditions, the boot shell may crack, which may render the boots unusable for skiing.

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Arc’teryx Voltair Avalanche Airbags Advisory Notice

12 december 2017

Recently discovered by Arc’teryx’ quality control team, an issue with the airbag’s battery affects its proper deployment at extremely cold temperatures due to an unanticipated change during battery production, impacting the proper deployment of the airbag when the battery is exposed to temperatures below -20°C (-4°F).

Due to this change, Arc’teryx has revised the minimum operating temperature limit for Voltair Airbags from -30°C (-22°F) to -20°C (-4°F). No other parts of the Voltair Airbag have been affected by this change.

Please see Arc’teryx’ advisory for additional information :


Voluntary recall on G3 winter 2016-2017 ION 10, 12 and LT12 bindings

4 octobre 2017

G3 is currently conducting a voluntary and preventive recall on winter 2016-2017 ION 10, 12 and LT12 bindings sold in North America. No injuries have been reported to date. It has been brought to the attention of G3 that the screws on the front portion of the heel piece have not been installed to the G3 specifications. As a result, there is a risk of unexpected release of the binding.

For more information on the subject of the recall and how to proceed, visit the G3 recall page:


Osprey is conducting a recall of Poco, Poco Plus, and Poco Premium models

April 27 2017

In cooperation with Health Canada, Osprey is conducting a recall of Poco, Poco Plus, and Poco Premium models manufactured for sale from January 2012 to December 2014 in order to provide a FREE Seat Pad Insert for customers to install in their carriers.

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Trek Farley 6 2015 bikes recall

Novembre 2016

Trek has issued a recall on all Farley 6 2015 fat bikes. As the fork can separate from the steer tube, there is a high fall hazard. Consumers are urged to stop using the bikes and contact Trek for a fork replacement.

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Voluntary recall Dynafit Khion ski boots

July 15th 2016

As a precautionary measure, even if no incident has been reported, Dynafit is proceeding to a voluntary recall of it’s Khion models ski boots. To understand which models are targeted and how to proceed, go to the Dynafit recall page :


Volontary recall on Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bar

June 1st 2016

Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bars are currently being recalled due to a potential contamination with Listeria. Bar of this flavor showing dates between June 6th 2016 and February 23rd 2017 sould be brought back to their place of purchase for full refund.


Recall on some models of Black Diamond carabiners and runners

Black Diamond has published on Fabruary 4th 2016 a voluntary product recall for user inspection of some models of carabiners and quickdraws, as well as two models of nylon runners.

To learn more about the products targeted by this recall, read the instructions for inspection and get the recall form, go to:

& Quickdraws

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