Measures put in place to safeguard the health of everyone

Wearing of the mask is mandatory for all customers and employees.*
* Wearing a mask is not mandatory for children under 10 years of age.

Mandatory hand disinfection before fitting in the cabin

Maximum of 5 items at a time

Limit the number of customers in the store

  • Montréal (Ste-Catherine) : 40 people
  • Montréal (St-Laurent) : 20 people
  • Laval : 40 people
  • St-Hubert : 40 people
  • Québec : 40 people

Waiting areas have been created to limit movements in the store.

Signage stickers have been placed on the floors as a reminder to maintain the 2 m spacing

Hand disinfection is mandatory at the entrance of the store as well as before trying on an item.

Disinfection stations have also been placed in the waiting areas.

We invite you to shop first on the web in order to limit your shopping time.