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Welcome to La Cordée!

Our Story

Our Story

Through its 60-year history, La Cordée has helped shape the outdoor adventure landscape in Quebec. What started as a small shop in 1953, has become a leading resource for outdoor enthusiasts in North America.

1953 - First and foremost, an outfitter for scouts

La Cordée opened in 1953 as a cooperative selling Scouting uniforms and reasonably-priced light camping gear. The first ten years of its existence are spent serving the needs of this clientele.


Over time, a growing number of customers begin to shop at the store, drawn to its expanding selection of specialized products. Soon, La Cordée becomes the undisputed leader of outdoor sporting goods in Quebec. 

During this time, as climbing gains a foothold in the province, the store begins importing ropes, helmets, pitons, ice axes and carabiners from Europe, becoming the first store in Quebec to offer climbing gear.


In the early ‘70s, La Cordée plays an active role in the expansion of cross-country skiing’s considerable popularity at a time when millions of Quebecers are discovering the sport. Many enthusiasts opt for skis made by the Norwegian company Norge, imported exlusively by La Cordée and long considered the best on the market.The store becomes the most important cross-country retailer in the province. 

In May 1974, La Cordée moves to its current address, on Saint Catherine street, in Montreal.


During the ‘80s, long one of the rare bicycle touring specialists, La Cordée also becomes a pioneer of mountain biking when it stocks its first such two-wheeler in 1984. 

In the winter of that same year, La Cordée is the first to introduces a binding specifically designed for backcountry skiing, the Petzl Skalp 8007. A bold move, made 20 years before the sport became popular in Quebec! 

At the same time, following a change in the laws governing cooperatives, the status of the organization is modified, allowing it to become a duly formed enterprise. In 1982, La Cordée creates the Scout Foundation to administer the store’s profits.


In the mid-‘90s, LaCordée launches Back to the Roots, a program that suports the development and the preservation of Quebec’s outdoor infrastructures. Starting in 1997, 1% of sales of LaCordée-branded products are dedicated to the program.

Following a major expansion and renovation, the Saint Catherine street store reopens in the spring of 1997. 

In 1998, La Cordée launches the Gear Swap Event and a tradition is born. Ever since, twice a year, outdoor enthusiasts line up for the chance to sell or buy used outdoor gear.


In September 2001, in order to meet the demands of a growing clientele, La Cordée opens a second store at 2777 Boulevard Saint-Martin in Laval, west of autoroute 15.

Then, in October 2005, to better serve its customers from the Monteregie, La Cordée expands to the south by opening a third store, this time in Saint Hubert at 1595, Boulevard des Promenades, just south of the Promenades Saint-Bruno mall, close to autoroutes 116 and 30. 

In 2009, La Cordée’s informative, award-winning Web site becomes an online shop, transforming into a fourth store and giving customers access to product information and expert advice, from the comfort of their homes.