MSR Dragonfly Stove

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MSR Dragonfly Stove

The Dragonfly liquid-fuel camp stove takes precision-simmering performance and puts it in a chassis built to handle a variety of fuels and the frequent use dished-out by global vagabonds. Tough and stable, it excels in institutional and guide service settings. Its dual-valve design gives you the flame control you need to evenly heat large pots (up to 9" maximum diameter). When the need arises to melt snow and brew-up fast, the DragonFly goes from zero to searing at the twist of a knob.


  • Unrivaled flame control
  • Extra wide pot supports
  • Multi-fuel
  • Compact: fits in a 2-liter MSR pot for easy storage
  • Efficient


  • Minimum weight: 395 g/14 oz
  • Boil time (white gas), 1 liter: 3.5 minutes
  • Boil time (kerosene), 1 liter: 3.9 minutes
  • Boil time (diesel), 1 liter: 3.5 minutes
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