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Welcome to La Cordée!


Multilayering Promotion: Mix and match to save money!

Receive a La Cordée gift card worth up to $150 with the purchase of regular-priced multilayering system clothing items
Get a $50 gift card with the purchase of at least $250, $100 gift card with the purchase of at least $500, and $150 gift card with the purchase of at least $750*

The multilayering system uses a superposition of different clothes working together to keep you warm and dry during any outdoor activities. In all seasons, respecting the logic of the multilayering system will help you go through a day in the outdoors. Whatever the sport—biking, running, hiking, mountaineering or skiing—the multilayering system will help you choose what to wear in any temperature, letting you play outside as long as you wish.


The first layer, placed directly on your skin, wicks perspiration from the body to the other layers. Its mission is to keep you dry. Avoid cotton, it absorbs moisture and keeps your body cold. The best materials for this layer are wool and synthetic fibres such as polyester.

Men's clothing Women's clothing


The second layer plays an important role because it retains the heat produced by your body to keep you warm. It must also continue the work of the base layer, i.e. moisture wicking, so that you are comfortably dry. Choose a fitted garment, made of natural or synthetic fibres, of a thickness that suits the degree of heat you need.

Men's clothing Women's clothing


The outer layer, called “shell”, protects you against the elements (wind, rain and snow). Since precipitation is frequent during transitional seasons, a shell is an important layer in multi-layered clothing.

Men's clothing Women's clothing

**Get a $50 gift card with the purchase of at least $250, a $100 gift card with the purchase of at least $500, and a $150 gift card with the purchase of at least $750. Offer valid in-store and online until October 9th or while supplies last. Some restrictions may apply. No special orders. This promotion does not include Arc’teryx.