GV M's Évasion Snowshoes

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GV M's Évasion Snowshoes

Designed for snowshoe enthusiasts, Évasion snowshoes provide great traction and flotation to let you explore mountain terrain free-minded.


Features :

  • Aluminium 6000 frame
  • Asymetrical binding for an easy adjustment on all types of footwear
  • Heel strap
  • Toe and heel aluminium crampons
  • Lighweight and abrasion resistant decking
  • Made in Canada

Dimensions (in/cm) Snowshoe weight (lb/kg) User's weight (lb/kg)
8x21/20x53 3.66/1.66 60-120/27-54
8x25/20x64 4.01/1.82 60-140/27-63
8x28/20x71 4.20/1.91 60-150/27-68
9x30/23x76 4.75/2.16 80-180/36-82
10x36/23x91 5.72/2.60 100-200/45-91

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