Researching the perfect gift is over! You have found it, and will make any outdoor enthusiast happy!

The La Cordée gift card is a great gift to give and receive. With this useful gift one will able to pick one’s perfect gift. Offer it to your loved ones, and make them happy! The La Cordée gift card can be used in-store and online, and never expires.

Please note that the La Cordée/Desjardins gift cards (silver and green displays) can only be used in-store, not online.

Purchase gift cards

Virtual Gift Cards

by Email

Buy online a La Cordée virtual gift card, and enjoy selecting its amount. Then, email it to a fellow outdoor enthusiast, and set the time it will automatically be sent. Please allow up to 3-business days before reception. La Cordée virtual gift cards can be used both online and in store to pay for purchases.

Standard Gift Cards

by Mail

Buy a La Cordée plastic gift card online, if the amount you wish to purchase is of $100 and over, or the amount of your choice in one of our five store. Enjoy getting your card on the spot, inserted in a nice card holder. Check out both online and in-store using La Cordée plastic gift cards.

Check your gift card balance

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Terms and conditions

IMPORTANT : The agreement below describes the terms and conditions governing use of all La Cordée Gift Cards, which are available through any La Cordée stores.

By using a virtual or plastic La Cordée Gift Card, you agree to the terms and conditions described herein. This agreement governs the use of La Cordée Gift Cards by you or any other person.

Funds loaded onto a La Cordée Gift Card can be used to make purchases at any La Cordée store. Once loaded onto the gift card, funds cannot be redeemed for cash, refunded or surrendered. The gift card will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

La Cordée gift card fees and balance expiry

La Cordée does not levy any fee to issue, activate or use your La Cordée Gift Card. Your La Cordée Gift Card has no expiry date.

Billing errors and correction

La Cordée reserves the right to adjust the balance on your La Cordée Gift Card in the event of an input error. La Cordée shall not be held responsible for billing errors unless you notify us within thirty (30) days of the operation in question. We recommend that you check your account balance carefully and keep your sales receipts for reference.

Modifications to the terms and conditions of use

Notwithstanding the above, La Cordée reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the terms and conditions governing the use of the La Cordée Gift Card. Updates to the terms and conditions will be published online in the days following the modifications.

The terms and conditions governing the use of the La Cordée Gift Card that are published online on will always take precedence over oral or written representations of the terms and conditions.

The invalidity of any of the terms or conditions contained herein will not nullify the remaining terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions may be modified and posted online, only by an authorized La Cordée administrator. Under no circumstances can they be modified by a La Cordée store employee.