Tepui Mosquiton Net for 183 cm Awning

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Exploration Without Boundaries

Being able to sleep anywhere – or almost! That was the idea behind an epic road trip across Venezuela, where the Tepui founders slept pretty much everywhere. Today, Tepui products symbolize total freedom.

Sleeping in a Tepui rooftop tent gives you the opportunity to stop wherever you want, to set up your tent in a snap, and to sleep as comfortably as you would at home. Push your limits and explore the wilderness in these high-quality rooftop tents, created to provide unforgettable experiences.

Tepui Mosquiton Net for 183 cm Awning 



  • Designed to be used with the Tepui 183 cm Awning
  • Zippered doors on all four sides allows for convenient access into your vehicle and camp space
  • Compatible only with Tepui 6' Awning (183 cm)
  • The net is comprised of walls only, with no floor


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