FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many stores remain open?

All our stores remain open.

Gift cards

It is possible to use La Cordée gift cards under the same conditions as before.

Warranties on products and services

Warranties for products purchased from La Cordée Plein Air are honored by the new company.

Product Returns

The 30-day return policy is unchanged. Items may be returned to the store within 30 days of purchase. However, they must be intact and in their original packaging.

We are not responsible for any return costs associated with items purchased online.

Items reduced by 50% or more are not exchangeable or refundable.

You can consult our return policies here.


All partnership applications will be re-evaluated this fall, in light of the transformations that will take place within the new entity La Cordée.

What is the delivery time?

Order processing time is approximately 7 working days.

Due to the great popularity of bikes these days, it may take slightly longer to process your order than estimated if you ordered a bike. Thank you for your understanding.

In addition, Canada Post's delivery times are longer than usual.

How do I change an order in process?

It is impossible for us to make changes to an order in process. If you wish to modify an order sent to our web system, we will first have to cancel it completely. Afterwards, you will be able to redo an order according to your needs.

Can I order an item on the site and pick it up the same day in store?

No, it is not possible to order an item and pick it up the same day, as in-store processing and delivery can take up to 7 business days. When your order arrives in-store, a customer service representative will contact you by phone.

Is it possible to have skis delivered to my home?

Yes, it is possible for us to deliver your skis to your home, but please note that a $30 shipping surcharge will be applied to your invoice to cover the cost of shipping oversized items. Also, since skis are not considered an essential service, we are unable to include them in our in-store pick-up service at this time.

I need advice on how to make my purchase, who should I contact?

For all your questions related to web ordering, you can contact us by email at info@lacordee.com or by phone at (514) 528-3590.

For all your questions related to the products presented on the website, you can contact us by phone at (514) 645-6445.

I sent my item in warranty from your customer service department. How do I follow up with the supplier?

Warranty returns service is slowly resuming. We will contact you as soon as we can. Please note that processing times are longer than usual.

How do I send a defective item to your warranty department?

Contact the customer service department of the store of your choice and our employees will be able to guide you through the steps to follow to take advantage of the warranties offered by the manufacturers.

If you do not find answers to your questions in our FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at info@lacordee.com. Due to the high number of emails received in the last few weeks, it may take a little longer than usual to process your message. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and do our best to serve you as quickly as possible under the circumstances.

How can I purchase online?

First, choose and add to the basket the article(s) you want. You can choose the color, size and quantity before clicking the ADD TO MY BAG button. If you want to continue shopping, click on CONTINUE SHOPPING. Else, click the CHECKOUT button.


Step 1. Your basket

At this point, all the items in your basket appear on your screen. You must now select the country and the delivery method. You also have to input your postal code since delivery methods vary from one region to another. You can then proceed to place your order.

Step 2. Billing and shipping details

At this point, you may proceed and place your order. You may do so using one of the two proposed methods:

  1. From your customer account.
  2. As a guest

* We strongly suggest that you create an account. This will facilitate future orders and the order history comes handy when proceeding with returns.

Once all information has been inputted in the mandatory fields, you may press Continue.

Step 3. Verification

At this point, it is important to validate the information that you have entered during the preceding steps. You may now choose the payment method, enter the credit card number, and then submit the order.

Step 4. Confirmation

At this time, a confirmation email will be sent to you. This email will contain all the details of your order: your order reference number, your personal info, the item(s) ordered, your shipping and billing details.

How do I proceed with my order if I live outside Canada ?

We only ship to Canada

Can I place an order online and pick it up in store the same day?

No, it is not possible to order an item and pick it up in store the same day. Handling and transferring items between stores can take up to 7 business days. When your order arrives in store, a customer service representative will contact you by telephone.

Can I purchase a bike and have it delivered to a residence?

No, for security and legal reasons, bikes cannot be shipped. All bicycle purchases must be made in store. However, if you need help selecting a model or need more information, you can use the descriptions on the website or talk with one of our in-store bike specialists by calling us.

How can I use a promo code?

  1. Choose the item(s) onto which the promo code should be applied and add it (them) to your shopping basket. Once you are ready to proceed with the billing information, click on ORDER.
  2. Insert the promo code in the designated box (as per the screenshot below) and press APPLY CODE.

You will see the cash discount appear on top of the invoice total. If, however, you are experiencing difficulties with your promo code, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I use a Gift Card to pay for my online purchases?

Yes, the La Cordée gift card can be used in-store and online, and never expires.

Please note that the La Cordée/Desjardins gift cards (silver and green displays) can only be used in-store, not online.

Click here for more informations.

Can I exchange an item purchased online?

No, it is not possible to exchange an item purchased online unless you walk into one of our stores.

If you are unable to come to one of our stores, you will have to return the item at your expense by following the normal return procedure.

How do I return an item purchased online?

Before proceeding with the return, verify that you purchase falls within the 30 day satisfaction guarantee as of the day you received the package.

Here are three easy methods to return an item:

  1. You can return it to one of our three stores along with the cash receipt, the tags, the original packaging and the item (cleaned or washed if necessary).
  2. You can contact one of our customer service representatives.
  3. You can ask for a return authorization within your account on lacordee.com .

*Note that you will have to assume all shipping charges

Here is the procedure :

  1. From the La Cordée website:
    1. Log in to your customer account. If you do not have an account, you can create one here or you may contact a customer service representative. They will help you through the process. You must use the same email address as the one you used to place your order.
    2. Click on the Initiate a return tab and select the order number representing the order you want to return.
    3. Select the articles that you wish to return and the quantity. Confirm everything is correct and click on the Submit button.
  2. Once approved by our customer service department, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to you. Attached to the email will be a return form that you need to fill out and include in your shipment.
  3. Make sure the following items are included in your shipment:
    • The return form
    • The original packaging
    • The tags
    • The item(s), clean and washed if necessary. Send the items by mail, freight paid and insured.
      (We strongly suggest that you inquire about Canada Post’s damage and loss insurance)

  • Shipments cannot be sent by mail directly to our stores.
  • Shipments cannot be sent by courier (Purolator, Fedex, etc.) or Cash on Delivery (COD).
  • Under no circumstances will a return be accepted in person at the address found on the return form.

What is a CVC number?

The CVC number is a code that is unique to each card. It is made of 3 or 4 digits and can be found on the back of the credit card. This code is an additional security feature of your credit card. It proves that the person making the purchase had the card in hand. This code does not appear on your statement or on the receipts.

Where to find the code:

VISA: Back of card

Mastercard: Back of card

American Express: Front of card

*For more information on the CVC number or credit card safety information, you can contact customer service during the normal business hours of our stores.