Superfeet Trim-to-Fit Insoles - MerinoGrey

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Superfeet Trim-to-Fit Insoles - MerinoGrey  



  • Merino wool top layer added to the most popular insole, the Superfeet Green, will keep your feet warm
  • Provides maximum support, stability, balance and shock absorption
  • Rear and mid-foot control points reduce over-pronation and stabilize the mid-foot
  • Ideal for medium to high arches
  • Recommended footwear: ski and snowboard boots, running and trail running shoes, hiking boots, work boots and walking shoes, all with removable insoles

The size of Superfeet insoles are dependent on your type of arch and not your foot size. It is therefore recommended that you receive an in-person consultation in one of our stores to determine which size fits you best.

Size Women's Men's
B 4.5 to 6 X
C 6.5 to 8 5.5 à 7
D 8.5 to 10 7.5 à 9
E 10.5 to 12 9.5 à 11
F 12 and larger 11.5 à 13
G X 13.5 à 15
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