Red Paddle Titan Pump

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To allow pretty much anyone to enjoy the world around them from the water – this was the basic idea behind Red Paddle Co, the world’s number one inflatable SUP brand.

Their SUPs offer the same performance of a hard board, with the distinctive advantage of being inflatable, so you can roll them into a rolling travel case for go-anywhere convenience. Inflating a board is super simple and takes just a few minutes. Known for their strength and durability that are second to none, these SUPs will give you a safe and thrilling paddling experience.

Red Paddle Titan Pump 



  • Dual cylinder/double chamber designed to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate your board by half
  • Hi Flo handle
  • Comes with a set of various head attachments to allow you to inflate a variety of boards, kites, airbed and even inflatable boats
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